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Fossils in Mt Schank

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Pat Fitzgerald:

Does anyone recognise the attached critter fossil?
I'm guessing he's a 40,000 year old distant relative of this very much alive critter in a nearby pond.

Cheers Big Ears!

Adam Hair:
Nice find. I notice that fossil is underwater. Is there a wet cave at Mt Shank we don't know about?  :)

Pat Fitzgerald:
Mt Schank being a generic term for the broader 20km radius

Tank this weekend

When you down the Mt next all sites I'm happy to join you for a swim

Adam Hair:
Hi Mate,

Aaah - I get it - the old hush hush ey?   ;)

Won't be at tank this weekend sorry mate, but have a good time.

Hoping to get down there later in April... time will tell.



Pat Fitzgerald:
Sorry Not really meant to be hush hush
It's in Bakers Cave
I booked on for Tank 18-19 April Freddies the access dude

Good Chance to catch up?


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